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Slide Single

Slide Single


If you already have a pair of Concept2 Slides and want to be able to link two or more indoor rowers together to simulate a "double" for great team training, you can purchase a spare slide (one slide, as pictured).

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230,00 € tax incl.

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How many slides do you need?

When linking indoor rowers together, you always need one more slide than the number of indoor rowers you are linking. For example, if you want to link four indoor rowers together, you need five individual slides. So, you would need to purchase two pairs of slides (part number 1800) and one single slide to achieve the five slides needed.

If you just want to put one indoor rower on slides, order part number 1800 instead.

Note: Slides are compatible with Models A–E Indoor Rowers. To link Dynamic Indoor Rowers, you will need to purchase a Dynamic Link (part number 2727).