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  • 49,01 €

    This is a replacement LCD for PM3 and PM4 monitors. If your LCD is cracked or damaged, you can replace it with this part. Compatible with PM3 and PM4 monitors only.

    49,01 €
  • 28,50 €

    For use with Model D and E Indoor Rowers. This is the generator base and coil that transmit flywheel motion to and generates power for the Performance Monitor on your indoor rower. See more info. 

    28,50 €
  • 25,00 €

    For use with Model A and C Indoor Rowers. This is the pickup (sensor) and cable (wire) that transmit flywheel to the Performance Monitor on your indoor rower. If your monitor lights up with zeros but the display does not change when you begin rowing, you may need to replace this part. If the cable or cable housing is cut or broken you will definitely need...

    25,00 €
  • 8,00 €

    For use with indoor rower Performance Monitors. The paper-free way to keep track of your training, this smart card captures your workout data directly from the Performance Monitor.

    8,00 €
  • 5,00 €

    This is the elastomeric keypad for the PM3 and PM4 monitors.

    5,00 €
  • 1,10 €

    For use with a PM5, PM4 or PM3, the Smartphone Cradle slides onto the top of the PM to provide a place to set your mobile device while using the indoor rower or SkiErg. See more info. The cradle is currently not in stock. It will be available approximately half May. For more information, please mail to:

    1,10 €
  • 0,40 €

    For use on all PM4 and PM5 monitors. This thumbscrew enables you to remove the battery door without tools.

    0,40 €
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items